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Sole Proprietor

Sole Proprietor

Administrative Issues



The services provided by our firm comply with the high standards of the accounting profession's code of ethics and all matters handled are treated with strict confidentiality.


The firm is sensitive to the common goal of controlling costs and works closely with each client to minimize fees in a matter that is consistent with maintaining quality service. Our policy is to bill for services and out-of-pocket expenses on a monthly basis except in otherwise agreed instances. Fees for professional services are normally based on actual time spent and the standard hourly billing rates of the individuals involved. Billing rates generally reflect the experience and expertise of each professional. But because we do not have the overhead burden of a large firm, we are able to offer high-quality services at local firm, cost-effective rates.


Open communication is a vital factor in any good client/professional relationship. Our goal is to communicate with you in a manner that leaves you well informed and comfortable. Feel free to discuss your needs and objectives with us.

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